Top 10 best Google Daydream games You can play now.

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10 best Google Daydream games

Google Daydream is Google’s big move into the VR. As of now, there are only a few devices that are compatible with this impressive technology. And on the top of it, there are still not many games out for this platform. However, markets are gradually getting filled with various Google daydream VR games. And now when you have unwrapped your Google Daydream, we are here with the Top best Google Daydream games that are now available in the market.

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

In this engaging game, a player is confined in a simulated room with a ticking time bomb, which he has to mollify. The extra players give directions to neutralize the bomb by decoding the info provided in bomb defusing guide. The bomb is hidden from the other players of the game, making it an exciting local multiplayer party game.

  • Gunjack 2: End of Shift

This game will transport you to the treacherous Outer Ring of New Eden. It is a sequel to the blockbusting VR shooter set in the EVE universe. The players here fight for their survival, just to witness a new day.The game is set up away from the luxuries of civilization, in a large excavating rig. As a tower worker, you are required to terminate the waves of invaders.

  • Hunter Gate

The primeval shooting game has been regenerated for an entirely new arcade Daydream View VR experience! Get into a virtual world, where you have to find your way amidst the demon attack, fight the demons by conquering their home.The Hunter gate is pretty simple yet very addictive and fun to play.It also allows you to co-op play over local Wi-Fi.’

  • Need For Speed No Limits VR

The most famous street racing game brings you an engaging Google Daydream VR version of this iconic game. Get into an ultimate exciting experience while you strap yourself into the driver’s seat, and discover whole new vibrant surroundings indulging yourself into an unmatched experience. Pick your car, select your trail, and get into a new land of exciting racing experience.

  • BaskheadVR

In Baskhead neither you are a player, nor the ball. You, in this fun game, are a hoop. Balls will be coming flying at your head, and your only aim is to protect yourself and latch them all, in rhythm and with expertise. This fun-filled game is entertaining to play and even more amusing to watch.
Will you rise up in your way to the top of the International BaskheadLeaderboard, make wild combos, expose forthcoming accomplishments, and watch the cheerleaders dance.

  • Danger Goat

This all new VR game is available only on Google daydream. You are a rescuer of a pity runaway goat surrounded by 100s of tricky traps. Direct, and propel the goat to liberty while avoiding a stash of ploys, from arsenals and psychiatrist glimmers to wild killer robots. Take over the control and collide the megaliths, disruptive plays and find a trail to security.

  • Battle Planet Vr

Experience this spectacular VR shooting game with nonstop action. Get into a journey of countless planets, huge boss fights, and eventual firepower. On your trail, find yourself trapped in a micro planet and get attacked by deadly TERMINOIDS. Fight like a real superhero against a vast army of enemies! All that you are provided with, for your survival is your gun power and a bomb defusing drone.

  • wands

Wands is a first person entirely mobile VR game that proposes fast speed magic battles against other players, who are online. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new spells by winning the battles by choosing your own tactics to overthrow your enemies. The game is provided with a spectator feature to witness others clashes in real time.

  • Affected – The Manor

Go deep into the dark, but be watchful of what waits within.With ‘AFFECTED: The Manor’ experience the most frightening horror walk-through. This most popular horror game in VR is now also available for Google Daydream. This game will keep you on your toes, by haunting you with scares at every turn.

  • Underworld Overlord

Underworld Overlord is an advanced VR action game, exclusively designed for Google’s Daydream platform. All you are required to do is protect your VR chamber from so-called “heroes.” Set traps, cast spells and command the deadly monsters. You will win if you successfully defend your chamber from heroes, and loses if the heroes locate the Overlord’s Animus veiled in the chamber and destroy it.


So, Here is our list of 10 best Google Daydream games. Comment below to let us know what you think.

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