Top 10 best HTC Vive games you can play now.

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Top 10 best HTC Vive games

If you are exploring best HTC vive games then your search will end here. HTC Vive, the true virtual reality champion right now. HTC Vive is a Valve-powered system with the advantage of being launched with both room-scale tracking and controllers.

There’s an appealing wide-ranging library of VR games on the Vive, though not all of the games are worth your time. Still, there are some prodigious virtual reality games to dive into.

Here, we’ve picked up the 10 Best HTC Vive Games you can play right now. Whether you’re after car chases, zombies, dinosaur expedition, there’s a little for everyone.

Raw Data

Raw Data is a first-person warfare game by Survios. It is one of the utmost fast-paced and electrifying games currently available for HTC Vive. Outlying from being a guileless shooting arcade, Raw Data VR gives you a striking array of capabilities and somatic action, giving you a feel of being in factual peril. And if you learn to master the reins, you will soon feel like aHerculean.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a fight for existence in a VR zombie hit area. The players here need to pass through the masses of zombies and the scorching heat in their wild hunt for humans. Arizona Sunshine is developed  for HTC Vive. The real life experience amidst the deadly zombies is worth a try.


Onward VR is a Mil-Sim trod strategic multiplayer firearm, which is developed for virtual reality head mounted pageants. Players have to use synchronization, communiqué, and marksmanship expertise to complete assigned goals in this virtual infantry warfare. With stunning weather effects, and several milieus and setups, no brawl will give the same feel. With restricted respawns, no crosshairs and HUDs, players have to use their acumen and battle abilities to subsist

Job Simulator

It is a virtual reality replication video game developed by Owlchemy Labs. Here the players partake in hilarious guesstimates of everyday jobs. The Players take part in replicated jobs in a job museum, which is run by robots.With the help of the motion controllers of the HTC Vive that can epitomize their hands, players can act together with the cybernetic surroundings as they would be n real life.

Island 359 VR

It is a Virtual Reality, fight for your survival game designed for HTC Vive. It is created by CloudGate Studios. Island 359 VR permits you to rummage dinosaurs in a virtual setting. It drops you off on an isolated island where you protect yourself from the perilous and ravenous dinosaurs. It provides you a surfeit of weapon choices to let them protect you from tearing yourself into a million pieces.

The Assembly VR

The Assembly VR first-person collaborative story motivated by real-world angsts. It is a long-form game deliberated for HTC Vive. It lets you reconnoiter an ethically confusing association as two entities and face hard-hitting verdicts from distinct perspectives, which conclude in one of the numerous electrifying decisions. Face prosecutions, inspect the Assembly’s furtive trench and make strong pronouncements and watch out if your actions and their aftermaths save lives… or result in disaster?

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is an anxious Virtual Reality horror game set in America’s Deep South. Sketching on elements of Southern Gothic and using sceneries of abandoned towns, ramshackle motels and gloomy, moldy marshlands, A Chair in a Room will take you over an exploration of utilitarian venality, spiritual dissipation and slaughter, which can only be cracked by probing deep within your own psyche.

Vanishing Realms

It is an engaging RPG premeditated completely for Virtual Reality. It gives you a real-life experience of grabbing your rapier and combat life-sized ogres in epic head-on fracas battle. Unveil supernatural realms, beaten chanted areas, seek misplaced relic, manipulate bewitchment and steel to take on the natives of the Undead Realm.

Vanishing Realms VR is made explicitly for HTC’s hardware, which allows players, both head, and positional chasing

Redout VR

It is an accolade to the old racing ogres such as WipeOut, F-Zero, Rollcage, and POD. It is premeditated to be an adamant, wild, dangerous and sustaining driving experience, drenched in the dizziness that stands at the base of the colonnade racing category. The fluctuating system and driving models are built on physics, while a semi-abandoned Earth background provides the high-speed, stressed and attractive revolutionary racing experience.

Firebird: La Peri VR

Enter a kingdom of magic with “FIREBIRD – La Péri”, and play the character of Iskender, a prince looking for the “flower of immortality.” You will perform on stage, visit the fragile world of La Péri, and witness a mystic and poetic happenstance as one of the characters… while trying to take the ownership of the valuable flower; warden spirits will slowly appear. Endeavor to own the petals of the flower from them and arouse La Péri, a spellbinding feminine silhouette.


So, Here is our list of 10 best HTC vive games. Comment below to let us know what you think.

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