Top 12 best Augmented Reality Apps and best AR Apps for ios and Andriod

best AR Apps

Augmented Reality, which has been for long dreamed as a futuristic perception, is now actually a reality. With each passing year, AR is surprising its customers with astonishing innovations. Augmented Reality Apps are now available in markets in a variety of array, from virtual showrooms to interactive map overlays to enormous multiplayer battles. Every best AR apps work on smartphone GPS and camera features to produce a more engaging experience.

12 best Augmented Reality Apps and best AR Apps

The markets are flooded with a variety of AR apps is diverse, consisting of both premium and freemium apps, but the best for you is a tricky task. We have picked the top 12 best Augmented Reality Apps and best AR Apps for ios and Andriod, just for you.

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Blippar is a graphical detection app. Combining the three Augmented Reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it brings the physical realm to life through smartphones and wearables.  This magical app allows you to
– Discover richer and more relevant content than ever
– You can also point your camera at the sky and get a detailed weather report!

Download Blipper for IOS and Android

  • Layar

Layar is the universal leader in augmented reality and interactive prints. It allows print supplies spring to life with arithmetical content using this wonderful augmented reality app. With the Layar Creator, you can enrich postcards, flyers, packaging or many other things with collaborative content, which include photo slideshows, video messages, music clips, The Web and social links, etc.

Download Layar for IOS and Android

  • ‎Google Translate

Google Translate is an open polyglot machine conversion service developed by Google, to convert speech, text, sites, images, or real-time video from one dialect to another. Google translate tool supports over 100 languages at several stages, and as per May 2013 survey, it assists over 200 million people worldwide on a daily basis.

Download Google Translate for IOS and Android

  • Augment

Augment is an AR SaaS platform that permits users to imagine their content in 3D in a real setting and real-time through smartphones. Their app can be ideally used for Retail, Architecture, E-Commerce, and other purposes. Augment developed a mobile app named Augment, used to envision 3D models in AR and a web application known as Augment Manager for 3D content management.

Download Augment for IOS and Android

  • Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is an AR mobile app, which can envision any tattoo design directly on your body in real-time. It uses augmented reality to allow you try tattoos in real-time virtually on your body, before inking an everlasting tattoo. You can also resize and relocate it at numerous positions until you’re happy.

Download Ink Hunter for IOS and Android

  • Wikitude

Wikitude is a mobile best AR Apps that is technology provider based in Salzburg, Austria. The Wikitude SDK is Wikitude’sbasiccreation. Hurled in October 2008, the SDK comprises3D model rendering, video overlay, image recognition & tracking and location based AR. It is offered both for Android and iOS and is enhanced for numerous smart eyewear gadgets.

Download Wikitude for IOS and Android

  • Claw Hunter

Claw Hunter AR is one of best Augmented Reality Apps, which fetches dinosaurs into the real world over your phone. Claw Hunter AR App is developed by Claw hunter.Claw Hunter AR app emanates along with pre-animated and lifelike dinosaurs that can be placed in any physical environment. You can watch the dinosaurs appearing in your room, on streets, etc.

Download Claw Hunter for IOS and Android

  • Spacecraft 3D

Spacecraft 3D is an AR app, which allows you to know about and communicate with numerous spacecraft’s, used to explore Milky Way. With the help of printed AR target and the camera of your mobile, get closer to the spacecraft, and enhance your know-how on space.

Download spacecraft 3D for IOS and Android

Ar Apps

  • Starchart

Starchat is one of best Augmented Reality Apps, Have your very own virtual planetarium in your pocket! Hide the complete universe inside your pocket with this wonderful app. Using your Android device, watch entire universe through a virtual window. Just point your Android device at the sky and know what exactly you are looking at. Star Chart calculates the present position of every star and planet that is visible from Earth.

Download Starchart for IOS and Android.

  • AR concert with Miku

Now enjoy HatsuneMiku’s augmented reality concert anywhere. Meet and call your favorite star Miku anywhere. You can now also record cute Miku’s features using a screenshot function. Not only this, be brave go ahead and take a picture with your favorite star Miku. You can also enjoy a more lifelike concert with Google Cardboard. Also, check complete guide at “Option” page in the application.

Download AR concert with Miku for IOS and Android

  • Satellite AR

Satellite AR is an augmented reality app that will enable you to see satellites flying over your head. When your phone is pointed towards the sky, it will detect and tell you the location of various satellites. The satellites that are in sunlight are painted yellow to have a clear look.

Download Satellite AR for IOS and Android.

  • Animal 4D+

Developed by Octagon Studio, Animal 4D+ is a best AR app, that permits you to scan the printed animal cards and see the animals come alive. The Animal 4D+ app is an innovative way to watch animals in Augmented Reality. It renders you stimulating and educational details about animals through A to Z.

Download Animal 4D+ for IOS and Android.

So, Here is our list of 12 best Augmented Reality Apps and best AR Apps for ios and Andriod. Comment below to let us know what you think.


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