Alpha Glass AR is first cool and casual Augmented Reality Glasses

Alpha Glass AR

Alpha Glass AR Smart Glasses is the newest introduction in the augmented reality world. With the increasing popularity of virtual and augmented reality, people are in a wild race to deliver a better and more viable VR, AR gear to the public. Now and then, we hear of a new device being launched or planned off. The challenge for us is to recognize the best gear to meet our needs.

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Today, we are here with the all-new Alpha Glasses, the first casual AR glasses. These very casual looking glasses are On-lens display AR glasses that offer a wide field of view. They include and internal optical system embedded in the frame. The POV camera located at the front allows to take photos, shoot videos and read QR codes instantly. They also include an inbuilt bone conduction speaker for high-performance audio support.You can easily interact with your Alpha Glasses using Alpha Glass AR App.

These glasses are compatible with Android (4.3+), iOS (7+), whereas you will require Android 5.1 (Lollipop) to develop applications for Alpha Glass AR. It’s come 5-megapixel camera and quad core processor. The working of these Alpha glasses starts with a micro OLED display located inside the frames. Firstly, The image enters the collimator lens in the nose bridge. It then alters the image and inserts it into a spectacle lens. Finally, the waveguide lens displays the AR visuals to the user’s eyes. Your Alpha Glasses kit includes an Alpha Glass developer’s kit, SDK, and Alpha Glass Support Program.


The alpha glasses are expected to be your multipurpose gear, offering wide uses:

  • It will support various 3rd party apps.
  • It will offer easy HUD navigation.
  • You can take photos, transfer them to your AR app and then post them to synchronized social media.
  • It will also offer you Private AI assistant.
  • You can connect it to your health device and use it for health monitoring.

Alpha Glass AR is now available to you on Kickstarter. We at RealityDome keeps trying to update you with such upcoming devices and their pros and cons to help you make an easy choice.