Best Microsoft HoloLens apps you can use now into your HoloLens

HoloLens apps

Best Microsoft HoloLens apps 

Microsoft HoloLens is theMixed reality Headset, which will allow you to interact with holograms and digital content.

From the day Microsoft launched first development edition of HoloLens, people have high expectations from this new technology. There are many Mixed reality apps for HoloLens that are literarily changing the way we interact with different things bringing them to our real world or sharing ours in other’s world.

Here are some of the Best Microsoft HoloLens apps that will take you to another world and let you explore it.

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Actiongram is a boon for holographic storytellers and developers. It is Mixed reality app for Microsoft HoloLens that permits user seven the beginners to place rich holographic content into the real world, and capture a mixed reality capture (MRC) video. It also helps in creating videos with holograms and innovative visual effects, which would otherwise require costly software and lot of experience.

  • Skype

Microsoft HoloLens Skype will take your Skype experience to an all new level using HoloLens. It allows your friends to see what you are seeing and also permits to place holograms into your world. It has made collaboration with others very easy and also made decision making more effectual.You can now use Skype to draw images in your friends’ world.

  • HoloStudio

HoloStudio by Microsoft is a swift and easy workshop for producing, 3D-printing and sharing holograms. It is a collection of gears that allows you to be an excellent 3D artist. Now you can create something unique, or use any of the HoloStudio’s starter designs, and share it with your friends.’

  • HoloTour

HoloTour, allows you to explore the entire world. Just move and look around your real world to witness the beauty of the different place and take a trip to your dream destination. It gives you an exclusive blend of spatial sound, 360-degree video and holographic scenery making you believe that you’re actually there.

  • Galaxy Explorer project

Galaxy Explorer project will convert your room into our galaxy – the Milky Way.Also, discover new worlds that are shared by the Share Your Idea community. With Galaxy Explorer project, listen to fascinating realities about our sun, planets, and even our dwarf planet; the Pluto and also observe each of them carefully. You can also zoom in our heavenly body to witness the minute details.

  • HoloFlight (beta)

HoloFlight (beta) allows its users to walk around and discover different parts of the pictured flight space. You only need to look at airplanes to find the comprehensive flight information.It also let you hear ATC chats with its spatial sound. It also let you see the detailed information about any specific airport.

Microsoft Hololens HoloFlight

  • Land of Dinosaurs

Land of Dinosaurs will let you take an entry to the world that is 65 million years old. Jump into the bushlands and let the giant creatures that ruled the earth scare your heart out. Also see the Titanosaurus, the biggest dinosaur that has ever lived on our planet and witness an unexpected visit from other creatures of the Mesozoic Era.

Microsoft Hilolens Land of Dinosaurs


So, Here is our list of Best Microsoft HoloLens apps. Comment below to let us know what you think.


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