Top best Microsoft HoloLens games You can play now

Mixed Reality games

Best Microsoft HoloLens games

Microsoft HoloLens development editions available in the market, and people have high expectations from this Mixed Reality technology.

Though it is comparatively new and has a list of only a few Mixed Reality games, which are compatible with HoloLens. But gamers are hoping high from these engaging games.

so here in this article, we have hand-picked the best Microsoft HoloLens games for you. As Microsoft HoloLens is gaining more and more popularity, do keep an eye on our articles to find out about the more upcoming games.

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Fragments is one of the best Mixed Reality games from Microsoft HoloLens. It makes you a private detective amidst a crime drama. Be aware of the life-size characters that can pop out of nowhere and will sit down on your sofa and will have an interaction with you. Clues are distributed around your room making you explore and solve the mystery.

  • RoboRaid

RoboRaid was formerly named Project X-Ray, small presences mall presence at E3 last year. It’s a robot battle game, which combines wearable holograms into a true-life shooter. It gives you a mixed reality experience as it uses voice input, three-dimensional sound, gestures and your observation to battle off the attack.

  • HoloTankz

HoloTankz will convert your room into a battleground. It is an immersive tank shooter game. You need to use your guide for aiming and voice directions to guide your tank and terminate enemy tanks.HoloTankz is a complete mixed reality experience for adventure loving people.

  • BattleBrain

BattleBrain is a perfect Mixed Reality game to improve your memory and focus while having fun! It is very effective in improving your brain power. All you need to do is remember and match the cards and receive extra bonus points for each game you clear in a row, and also with every win, you also unlock bonus features!

  • Young Conker

Young Conkerconverts your furniture, floorings and walls into a mixed reality venture. All you have to do is to rearrange the walls and furniture, giving your room a new look. The level changes if you travel to another room, or reorganize your furniture. A small little guy will also appear and talk to you, breaking the fourth.


So, Here is our list of best Microsoft HoloLens games. Comment below to let us know what you think.


This Article was originally published on 10 May 2017, And we update this article, whenever there are a best Microsoft HoloLens games available. So make sure you follow this article All the time.