Broomx’s MK Player 360 makes your room into 360 screen

mk player 360

MK Player 360 is a new creation to fortify virtual reality with more immersive 4D experience. It is a superior projection system to experience the immersive 4D in your home.Spanish company Broomx,  after four years of long hard work, has come up with a HUD less immersive VR experience. The main idea was to eliminate the burden of the clumsy headset so that nothing comes in between you and a truly immersive4D and virtual reality experience.

Now let your whole room be your canopy. MK Player 360 exhibits360 degree videos, interactive content and virtual Reality in the frameless screen. It assimilates CPU, immersive projection system, audio, Internet connection and domotics control system. Your MK Player is of a size of a floor speaker which can be positioned anywhere in a room as per your need.

To emerge yourself into an immersive 4D experience, all you need to do is download MK Player 360 app. Select your chosen 4D experience from the app or different internet platforms and play them in MK. It has a cloud based content distribution platform to allow you access to an extensive collection of interactive and immersive content anytime and anywhere.To keep getting the best VR and 360-degree experience, you will have to keep updating your MK app regularly.

MK Player offers you following exciting features:

  • It provides an Immersive projection, covering the full user Field Of View (180°H x 120°V) with Full HD resolution.
  • It provides unique connectivity features mixing the generative graphics and audio in real time, which is collected from various internet sources.
  • MK can act wirelessly over blinds, Movement Bed, lights, and any kind of electrical or electronic device.
  • With MK app users can freely interact with the environment and multimedia content.

MK Player can be widely used in hotel rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, night clubs, amusement parks, museums, lobbies, waiting rooms, promotional corners, fair trade stand, cruise ship rooms, home spaces and much more such places.