CoolPaintr VR : A VR painting application Coming Soon on PlayStation VR

CoolPaintr VR

CoolPaintr VR is an upcoming VR painting application from WildBit Studios for Sony Playstation VR Headset. Although Wildbit Studios is mainly known as a video games company, technically CoolPaintr VR not a game. Nonetheless, CoolPaintr VR can be a lot of fun as it will let people create 3D paintings or sculptures in a virtual space.

CoolPaintr VR is in a way, the PSVR equivalent of Oculus Quill and Google Tilt Brush. Both Quill and Tilt brush has been around for a quite a while, and have been immensely popular among professional artists, hobbyist painters. Even people who are looking for some casual fun can find it lot of fun to paint in VR as it’s quite intuitive. Although there have been VR painting applications available for PC for some time, there is no VR painting application which is mainly dedicated to creating art in PSVR.

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The developers want to make CoolPaintr VR a very intuitive program with a simple interface so that users are not held back by technical constraints. Their goal is to make it easy for the users just to start creating and enjoying the process of creating art. If there is less difficulty or learning curve regarding technical aspect in the app, then users can just focus on the fun part or creative aspect and unleash their inner artist. With this app, users will be able to paint or draw intuitively in 3D, in a virtual space with the Playstation, move controller.

CoolPaintr VR will also feature multiple amazing brushes similar to professional art applications. This feature would be quite useful for artists and advanced. It would also be possible to turn around 3D paintings or sculptures in the virtual space and view it from any angle.

According to reports the tracking and fluidity of CoolPaintr VR is quite impressive. The experience is smooth, and the app runs at 120 fps. Wildbit studio uses its own engine to achieve such result. CoolPaintr VR has a unique feature called Real Time Skeleton Extraction (RTSE) technology, which provides users with many advanced functions that might be useful for professionals. For example the ability to import pre-designed assets or elements and to extract 3D models from 2D drawings made in the app. Thus CoolPaintr VR can be quite a fun app, and it has the potential to become a serious tool for professional artists as well.

The price or release date of CoolPaintr VR has not been confirmed yet by Wildbit Studios. Not much detail has been revealed yet about the application yet, but it is quite possible that Playstation Move controller would be necessary to use this app. CoolPaintr VR is currently under development. It would probably be the first dedicated VR painting app for PSVR platform

Jayesh Roychowdhury
Jayesh Roychowdhury

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