DaystAR Headset: Lenovo’s shared future of AI based AR headset

Lenovo DaystAR Headset

Today at Lenovo’s third annual World innovation summit, Lenovo share the future of Artificial intelligent based DaystAR Headset with other related AI based Concept product like CAVA, SmartVest, and Xiaole.’

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Lenovo DaystAR Headset has free-formed surface lenses with a 40-degree field of view. Included an independent vision processing unit with an optical display. Using the AR Platform developers can use daystAR platform to create applications across a variety of industries. With services like Remote Assistance, Cloud Object Recognition, 3D Content Manager and Multiplayer Interaction, you can upload, scan and edit 3D content through the platform.

Image credit: Lenovo

In a blog  Yong Rui, Senior VP, and CTO, Lenovo shared his views about future and concept of  AI based product. 

We believe an intelligent future makes people’s lives better, and that starts with smart devices. Cloud enabled devices – such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, smart TV and AR/VR – bring you content, services, and experiences in a new way.

Also, they have Developed SmartCast+ an intelligent, interactive and smart speaker for smooth AR experience. All these are concept products now so; there is a not much information available. Stay tuned for more update on Lenovo DaystAR headset and other products.