Google Standalone VR headset with new Worldsense tracking For daydream VR

Worldsense tracking

In Google, I/O’17, Clay Bavor, VP- Google Virtual reality, announced Standalone VR headset with new Worldsense tracking  For daydream VR in partnership with HTC Vive And Lenovo.

Google standalone VR headset with Worldsense tracking

In the keynote, Clay Bavor explain. Google’s idea of new Standalone VR headset is that everything you need for VR is to build inside the headset itself. so, no cable, no phone, and no PC and whole headset just made for VR best experience. It should be easy to use and no fuss of wires.

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Also, Clay Bavor confirmed. That Google standalone VR headset comes with dramatically new precious tracking system called Worldsense tracking knows as also positional tracking. With it, your view into the virtual world exactly matches to your movement into the real world. That’s mean its work anywhere no setup and no camera to install.

These new two standalone VR headset from Vive and Lenovo will release later in this year 2017


Also, Google made few announcements for daydream VR support in future. First, new Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ will support daydream VR in coming summer with new Update and LGs next flagship device will also come up with daydream VR support.

We will bring you detail specifications and release date of this two new Google VR headset once it’s available.