Gravity Sketch VR let you sketch into the 3D VR space

Gravity Sketch VR

A London based startup has developed a virtual reality tool, Gravity Sketch VR for sketching in 3D space. It is an intuitive 3D creation tool that offers its users to make and control 3D objects in VR space. Users can craft incredible 3D models, artwork, and scenes in a quick and natural way.

3D designing tools for years have been a nightmare to use, for the difficulty level they possess to the users.  The Gravity Sketch VR has lowered the difficulty level of creating 3D sketches manifolds.  From idea outset to designing and finally sharing your creation with different design tools like CAD software, game engine, or 3D print platform, Gravity Sketch will help you do it all with extreme ease and in less time. It also lets you upload your artwork directly from the app to the cloud.

Creative professionals and designers, being able to 3D sketch a concept allows them to speed up the process, whereas in the past they would have to rely on a set of 2D sketches. Now they can work directly in 3D, completely revolutionizing their creative process.” says Co-founder, Daniela Paredes Fuentes


The basic features that Gravity Sketch VR delivers are

  • Powerful Design Tools: All the tools provided by gravity sketch have customization features that permit users to create various intricate 3D shapes with a single stroke.
  • Search for Designs in 3D: Gravity Sketch allows you to utilize stock images and imported designs as a reference in your artwork.
  • Easy Sharing among multiple tools: The export feature enables you to easily share your designs outside virtual reality.
  • Easy uploading to Cloud: It permits easy uploading of the designs from your app to Sketchfab and easily shares your 3D designs in 3D space.


Gravity Sketch VR is available in three subscriptions currently:

  • Basic, meant for individual purposes and not for commercial use
  • Pro Subscription version meant for the commercial use of freelancers and small independent studios.
  • Studio Subscription meant for commercial use for SMEs and mid-sized studios making more than $100k USD a year.

The features of these subscriptions vary to a small extent.

Gravity Sketch is currently available in early access for HTC Vive. Though this version is also very stable and also permit you to export and import drafts and models. In coming future, we are expecting to see great technical advancements to Gravity Sketch in all the subscriptions to cater its users with more exciting features.