HoloLamp AR put 3D Hologram in your physical world without any AR glass

HoloLamp AR

HoloLamp AR  is the latest addition to the world of Augmented Reality. It is a desktop Spatial Augmented Reality projection system and the world’s first glasses-free and hands-free handy augmented reality device. It most stunningly creates optical 3D illusions or Hologram on your physical environment.

But the question that arises now is, why do we need HoloLamp AR? The augmented reality elucidations available currently works from watching through phones, glasses, tablets, etc. that combines the reality with the augmentation to create an augmented reality environment. But such type of augmented reality flops in so many ways.  Some reduce the field of view, while the others make it a compulsion to keep the screen at arm’s length. These conditions make the augmented reality experience less interactive and very uncomfortable. There arose a need for a device which would offer and easy, comfortable and immersive and interactive augmented reality environment.

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HoloLamp AR combines the power of our brain, video capture, pico projectors and face tracking technology to recognize the whereabouts of the viewer and then modify the image so that the 2D projection is viewed as 3D images. HoloLamp’s technology changes the picture as per the image users eyes will perceive if it was 3D.

It chains a pico projector and cameras and offers an immersive spatial augmented reality experience.  Using the computer vision and machine learning, it enhances the gaming effects while you watch and interact with the game.The HoloLamp is supposed to focus mainly education, video games, education and communications.

HoloLamp also creates a mixed reality environment. For example, Lego structure can co-occur with virtual objects to enhance the Mixed Reality experience. HoloLamp AR algorithms can apprehend the game environment geometry to allow the special effects intermingle with the real objects.

The software development kit provided with it, which allows developers to design various programs friendly with HoloLamp. These programs include gaming, smart home, education, avatar communication, sports broadcasting and much more.