Exclusive Interview with Ayato Fujii creator of Teomirn App

Microsoft Hololens app

RealityDome had the opportunity to chat with Ayato Fujii about Teomirn app and Mixed Reality Future

Ayato Fujii is a creator of Teomirn app

01. Please tell us more about Teomirn?

Teomirn is a Mixed Reality app for Microsoft Hololens. In Teomirn you can learn piano from a virtual teacher, Actually “Teomirn” means “watch the hands” in Japanese.

Our focus is on the Human Motion and Emotion, thus using it for entertainment and education by the Mixed Reality Technology. We are tried to develop content for watching piano performances and lessons. And we succeed a lot in that area. Also, we thought that it would be the most useful thing for now.

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02. How Teomirn actually works?

Technically speaking. First, we capture the finger movement using a kind of multiple IR sensors (Leap Motion). The body part is captured as “Point cloud” using the Kinect Sensor.

After this, we create visualization and author using Unity. For currently viewing the device we use Microsoft Hololens.

03. How and when did you get the idea of creating a Teomirn app?

I have been practicing the Piano for past ten years now, but it was tough to improvise it, so that time I thought that I might want to get more intuitive lessons later on.

Also, I am a computer graphics designer believed that I could solve this issues with future technology. Then later I came to know about Microsoft Hololens, so that’s how the journey started.

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04. Tell us about your Team?

I have gathered valuable members from every field such as Programmers, CG artists, business people and others.

We are constantly looking for the next entertainment content every day, and Teomirm was one of the challenges. We also work for the broadcast station in Tokyo.

05. What is the future plan for Teomirn? Any challenges?

The first thing we need to focus on to solve the technical problems. We need some attractive UI and CG quality that is easy to be used by everyone.

After this, We are working on to prepare a lot of viewing contents and practice materials as well. I would like to do all of these before the public release of Hololens.

We are also looking for an investor in our app to grow.

06. How is your experience with Microsoft Hololens?

We got Hololens for about six months ago approximately. Until then, I was using Oculus and Web cameras to develop the first version of “Teomirn.”

It was very pleasant experience with Hololens; it definitely gives you a good blend of Real with a virtual world. It also gives you a lot of scope for creativity.

07. What are your thoughts on mixed reality?

Mixed Reality can be used widely in our life, and it has defiantly advantage over VR HMD.

Comfortable to wear, lower Price range and wide viewing angle, if these three problems get solved, then I think that Mixed Reality HMD would spread rapidly and definably it will be upper hand and growth potential than VR. 

08.When would be able to use Teomirn app commercially?

It’s hard to say, it clearly, for now, we need to slove many issues such as technical problems, rights, business, etc. But I believe I can resolve the issues in the near future. and you will see a release of Teomirn app commercially soon.