LightForm AR create first projected Augmented Reality device without headset

Augmented Reality

Lightform AR is the first computer made for projected Augmented Reality (AR). Lightform is a computer and 3d scanning device that you can connect to any video projector.

It scans any complex scenes in under a minute and turns any object into the screen, letting the user seamlessly mix real objects with projected light. So It’s an Augmented Reality (AR) without Headset.

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See This  years back video about Projection mapping created by  Bot and Dolly:


In Above Video You can see a spectacular show of projection mapping, and the real problem with this Projection Mapping is that Installations are very complicated and expensive, but LightForm New Device is easy to install and inexpensive.

Recently they secured $2.6 million in seed funding from Lux Capital and Seven Seas Partners. Also, the funding has witnessed the participation from several prominent angel investors and the National Science Foundation.

How Its works?

Lightform AR to connect any projector through HDMI and project pattern over your object and these pattern analyzed by the onboard camera and then uses it to generate point cloud and 3D data. Its create high-level mesh under a minute. It’s suitable for precise, pixel-level alignment

Lightform uses advanced computer vision to eliminate complexity in the projection mapping process. “We believe projected light is inherently more interesting than a flat screen because it can be overlaid on the existing environment,” said Phil Reyneri, Design Director at Lightform. “This gives designers the opportunity to seamlessly blend digital content with existing materials and structures. We want to democratize the medium so it can be used anywhere across film, art, education, cultural exhibits, events, signage, home entertainment, weddings, seasonal decor, theater, dance, and more.”

The main technology called project mapping is a form of Augmented Reality, and The Lightfrom team has years of researched and experienced in project mapping technology. They even run an amazing blog on projection mapping, which features all the community submissions from around the world.

“I’m excited about this team because they’re making projection mapping accessible to everyone, from artists to businesses to consumers.” said Bilal Zuberi, Partner at Lux Capital.

The compony is very optimistic about projected Augmented Reality and their product