L’Oréal Collab with “Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup AR App

YouCam Makeup AR App

Ever obviously on the search for new methods to increase on digital beauty, L’Oréal has affirmed a new partner “Perfect Corp” to integrate its makeup collections across global brands into YouCam Makeup augmented reality App.

Through this new offering, L’Oreal cosmetics lovers will now be able to save money by buying the colors that match their skin or look good with their fashion style. As tech-savvy customers keep move towards digital promotions like this, it’s likely that we’ll keep seeing major brands partnerships develop to meet these growing desires.

L’Oréal and Perfect Corp. declare a global cooperation that combines makeup selections from L’Oréal brands globally in YouCam Makeup App; the award-winning augmented reality (AR) beauty app. This partnership provides large numbers of beauty fans the opportunity to virtually experience makeup selections from L’Oréal brands, learn about the items, and shop through the app or in-store. Utilizing the app at L’Oréal counters or in free-standing stores, the cooperation also provides unique and impressive methods for making smooth customer journeys online to off-line.

YouCam Makeup AR app ‘try-on’ customers are 1.6 times more likely to buy makeup compared to women, who do not use the app. They also spend a lot of money on makeup than non-users.

The customer can make details of her favorite products but is incapable of buying straight through the app. Despite a lack of mobile business, L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius also provides latest on beauty styles in the exclusive space.

The YouCam Makeup App was released in 2014 and is part of a group of virtual reality applications such as YouCam Nails and YouCam Fun. The app is available for free for iOS and Android customers. This beauty app is a boon for fashion forward women.

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