Olorama Technology’s wireless aromatizing device lets you smell in VR

Olorama Technology

Olorama Technology’s wireless aromatizing device (WAD) is an innovative solution to make VR/AR feel more immersive and real by incorporating the use of scents. While most VR startups and companies are focusing on comfort, screen resolution, haptic or wireless solutions to improve VR experiences, Olorama is focusing on the potential of smells and its importance in all forms of audiovisual mediums.

The importance of sense of smell often gets overlooked compared to other senses. Scents have the power to trigger memories, can make one feel nostalgic, it can trigger appetite, help in determining the flavor of food or it can even alter our moods. The impact of smells in VR/AR can be tremendous. For example walking through a garden of roses in VR and the ability to smell them, or watching a war scene in a film and being able to smell gunpowder can make the experienced ultra immersive. Oloroma technology lets users experience smells synchronized with a scene by combining hardware, software, and essential oils.

wireless aromatizing device

Oloroma Technology is created by Spanish Engineer Raúl Porcar. The technology is the result of more than five years of research and development. Porcar claims that Oloroma is the only technology, which synchronizes smells with scenes of VR/AR and other audio visual mediums, available at a low cost to consumers. It is wireless, compact, convenient to use and the installation process is simple and straightforward. It comes with replaceable cartridges of scents, which can be replaced easily. For larger rooms or spaces, multiple devices can be set up. It has a wide catalog of scents. Oloroma claims that all their fragrances are based on natural ingredients, free of allergens and safe to use. It does not use chemicals that are used in fragrances or air fresheners, which is a big plus point and might be a concern for many people.


  • Wireless and compact design
  • Easily replaceable scent cartridges
  • Easy installation
  • Support for large areas and multiple devices
  • Scents based on natural extracts, free of allergens and harmful chemicals
  • Wide catalog of scents

Olorama Technology has been already tested in movie theaters, museums, and advertisement and now it is available to consumers who want to enjoy its features at home.

You can buy wireless aromatizing device (WAD) from here


Jayesh Roychowdhury
Jayesh Roychowdhury

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