The Wizards VR fantasy spellcaster game confirm a release date.

The Wizards VR

The Wizards VR is an upcoming VR game from Carbon Studio, and will be available as Early Access from July 28th.  The Wizards VR is a First-Person VR fantasy spellcaster game, which lets players step into the shoes of a Sorcerer and defeat their enemies with powerful magic spells (like Doctor Strange).

The game follows the story of a young protagonist, who happens to be a Wizard traveling through time in order to protect the Realm of Men from the destructive forces of its enemies. The game mechanics of spell casting in The Wizards is based on the energy four elements. The key to winning a battle is to adapt your play style and form a proper strategy depending on the situation.

The Wizards is a VR exclusive game and makes the best use of what the latest technology has to offer. In this VR game, the players can cast spells with their hands using motion controllers which make the gaming experience very immersive. Developers of The Wizards want their game to provide a beautiful and rich fantasy world, with stunning visuals for the gamers to explore.

The Wizards VR features a story mode with two Regions divided into stages and many additional locations. There are six basic spells in the game, with upgrades for each spell. The game also features Fate Cards that allows modification of rules of the game and lets players gain more points. It also has an online leaderboard system that allows players to compete with high scores.


Early Access Features:

  • New Regions – Two engrossing story chapters with exciting challenges and different type of enemies.
  • Arcade Mode – Nonstop arena battles for gamers who can’t get enough of the thrill of the battle of spells.
  • Master Enchantment – Six powerful spell upgrades for ultimate sorcery.
  • New Fate Cards – Additional set of modifiers that provide players with entirely new battle experiences.

The Wizards VR is the second VR game by Carbon Studio from Gliwice, Poland. Their first VR game was Alice VR, released in October 2016, available on both Steam and Carbon Studio has made The Wizards VR available for Oculus and Steam store, and The game will be priced at $24.99. The Early Access, all the features of the game, are fun to play, immersive and meet the expectation of the gamers.

Jayesh Roychowdhury
Jayesh Roychowdhury

VR Gaming Editor at RealityDome Jayesh Roychowdhury is a multidisciplinary artist, gamer, VR enthusiast and tech buff.