ThermoReal from Tegway let you feel pain, heat and cold in VR


Tegway wants to take the immersion level in VR up a notch by introducing ‘ThermoReal,’ which provides the users, the ability to feel the heat, cold, and even pain in AR and VR. ThermoReal is a technology for VR accessories under development that uses flexible thermoelectric semiconductor sheet which can provide thermal haptic feedback with low latency. It can instantly change temperature to become as hot as 40-degree Celcius and become as cold as 4 degrees Celcius. ThermoReal can also simulate the sensation of pain similar to an insect bite or sharp pinch on the skin.

The advent of Virtual Reality has paved the way for innovations and endless possibilities. It can be said that VR marks the beginning of a golden age in technological advancement. It has the tremendous scope and potential for development. Many companies and startups are coming up with innovative ways and new technology with features like hand and finger tracking, haptic feedback, eye tracking, foveated rendering and more,  to make VR more fun and highly immersive.

Due to ThermoReal’s flexible form factor, it can be wrapped around a controller, joystick or even a body part and it can rapidly heat up or cool down depending on the simulation it needs to generate to make it more immersive and real. For example, a controller using this technology can become hot during a game level where there is fire or explosion. Similarly, the controller can give the sensation of cold if a game level is based on an icy location. Not only that, ThermoReal sheet can impressively simulate heat and cold simultaneously at different regions.

Reportedly, Tegway has given a demonstration of  ThermoReal, at  Vive X. The presentation included a simulation of a flame moving towards a hand that gave the sensation of intense heat across the fingertips, which was described as “scarily real.” Then there was a simulation of moving of an ice cube over a hand to give the sensation of cold. There was also a demonstration of a simulation of the feeling of pinch which caused sharp pain.

Thermoreal has a lot of potentials, and with compatible VR content, it can take immersion to another level.

Jayesh Roychowdhury
Jayesh Roychowdhury

VR Gaming Editor at RealityDome Jayesh Roychowdhury is a multidisciplinary artist, gamer, VR enthusiast and tech buff.