Volkswagen Group enter into the VR in collaboration with HTC Vive

Volkswagen Group enter into the VR

When Virtual Reality is capturing the markets rapidly, then why should auto industry remain untouched from its influence? Volkswagen Group is one such group that has always amazed the world with its innovative ideas. Volkswagen Uses Innoactive Hub platform for collaborative VR Training, Planning, and Simulation with HTC Vive

Volkswagen is once again here with yet another very influential and innovative thought. It is now trying to incorporate Virtual reality solution to its production and logistics. In collaboration with HTC Vive, it is now in a process to roll-out its entire group with Virtual Reality. The highly efficient team of Volkswagen has created a virtual reality application that will allow multiple participants to connect in a VR environment.

A special Digital Reality Hub is developed to bundle up all prevailing VR applications, users, and tools on one single platform. It is making its public appearance at the Digility conference and exhibition in Cologne on July 5 and 6, 2017.

Not only Volkswagen,  but other protruding auto brands have shown their interest in virtual reality and have formed a cross-brand Digital Realities Team. As per Jasmin Müller from Audi Brand Logistics “Virtual reality creates the ideal conditions for cross-brand and cross-site collaboration.” And to Mathias Synowski, a VR user from Group Logistics “Going forward, we can be virtual participants in workshops taking place at other sites, or we can access virtual support from experts at another brand if we are working on an optimization. That will make our daily teamwork much easier and save lots of time.”

The testing and unveiling of this of virtual reality application is a perfect example of cross-brand cooperation under the backing of Group Logistics and the “Digital Factory.” Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, and Volkswagen are some of the members of Digital Realities Team. The team is now working to develop Vr applications for all the member brands. The applications will be available to all the participants of the group through the Volkswagen Digital Reality Hub shared program.